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"Groups that regularly promote the 24-Hour NurseLine see call rates to this free service increase three to four times."

~ Vanessa Lyons, Knowledge Management Consulting Director, Premera

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Employee communications:Understand your benefits and costs

Open enrollment

Help your employees understand their options before, during, and after open enrollment.

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Open enrollment

Open enrollment is coming

What employees need to know before open enrollment begins.

Open enrollment is here

Let employees know it’s time to sign up for a health plan now.

Open enrollment reminder

Remind employees that open enrollment starts soon.

Picking the right plan

Tools to help employees get the right care for their situation.

Stress and open enrollment

Help employees stay calm as they make health plan decisions.

The benefits of having benefits

Remind employees about the good things they get when they sign up with the company health plan.

They're enrolled. Now what?

Tips for newly enrolled employees to get the most out their plans.

Understand plan benefits

Three questions to help employees pick the right plan for them.

Benefits 101

Make it easier for your employees to understand their health benefits.

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Benefits 101

BlueCard network access

Remind your employees they have access to a nationwide network of providers when they travel.


Do you offer HSA and PPO plans? Help employees make the best choice for their needs.

Common health plan terms

Take the mystery out of benefit-speak by sharing this quick glossary of terms early in the plan year.

Flexible spending account - tips

Offer FSAs? Tell your employees how to pay for their eligible expenses.

Flexible spending accounts - overview

Help employees understand how FSAs can help them set aside money for certain expenses.

Health savings account

Start your employees out right with their HSA with an easy-to-follow overview.

Navigating PersonalCare plans

Support employees enrolled in a PersonalCare Plan by promoting these simple tips and resources.

Understanding costs

Educate employees about where to go to see the costs for their healthcare services.

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Understanding costs

Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

Understanding an EOB just got easier — easily share this helpful information with your employees.

Form 1095-B

Have a fully insured health plan? Now your employees know where to access their required health plan tax forms.

Claims history

Show your employees where they can go to see the costs charged for their health services.

Spending activity report

Help your employees see how much they can save with their health plan.

Employee communications:Get the most out of your benefits

Pharmacy 101

Tools and resources to help employees understand and use their pharmacy benefits wisely.

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Pharmacy 101

Specialty pharmacy with Accredo

For groups with exclusive specialty pharmacy. People often need help managing specialty drugs. Tell your employees how Accredo can help.

Authorized generics

Do your employees know authorized generics are the same as brand name drugs?

Essentials Pharmacy Plan

Have the Essentials Pharmacy Plan? Help your employees understand what’s included and what’s not.

My Rx choices

Do your employees know they can do comparison shopping with My Rx Choices on premera.com?

Save with generics and mail-order

Saving money on prescriptions is easy when employees choose generic drugs and use mail-order services.

Choose the right care

Educate employees about the options they have for care – and the costs.

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Choose the right care

Health Decision Aids

Help your employees make more informed health decisions and better understand their treatment options.

24-Hour NurseLine

Reassure your employees that someone's always ready to answer their health concerns, day or night.

In-network care

Encourage your employees to save money by using in-network healthcare providers.

Right care at the right time - no virtual care

Help employees understand their options — and costs — for after-hours care. (Does not include virtual care.)

Right care at the right time - with virtual care

Is virtual care part of your health plan? Use this to help employees understand their options — and costs — for after-hours care.

Setting up virtual care in advance

Help employees get their virtual care account set up so they're ready to get care when they need it.

Plan a doctor’s visit

Quick tips and tools to help employees make the most of their time with their doctors.

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Plan a doctor’s visit

Find a Doctor tool

Encourage employees to use the Find a Doctor tool to locate in-network care.

Prepare for a doctor's visit

Share simple tips for making the most out of a doctor visit by preparing in advance.

Manage your plan

Help employees find answers to their questions with these self-service tools and resources.

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Manage your plan

Create an account on premera.com

Encourage your employees to get the most out of their health plan by signing up at premera.com.

Mobile app

Members can find doctors, access their ID card, check claims, and more on the go. Tell your employees!

Employee communications:Take care of your health

Preventive care

Encourage your employees to take good care of their health and avoid high medical bills by getting regular preventive care.

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Preventive care

Flu vaccine

Keep your workforce healthy by encouraging them to get their annual flu shot.

Preventing skin cancer

These easy tips remind employees how and why to protect their skin.

Preventive care

Use this material to emphasize the no-cost benefit and value of preventive care.

Preventive dental

Encourage employees to protect their smile and their overall health with preventive dental care.


Vaccinations are a great benefit! Help your employees understand how it works.


Connect your employees with wellness resources that help them lead a healthy lifestyle.

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Active&Fit member benefit

Share an affordable way your employees can stay active at 9,000+ participating fitness centers nationwide.

Wellness Program: Health assessment

For large groups with a Premera Wellness Program. Encourage employees to take a health survey and set healthy goals.

Wellness Program: Lifestyle Guidance

For large groups with a Premera Wellness Program. Help employees find support with Lifestyle Guidance Resources.

Wellness Program: Overview

For large groups with a Premera Wellness Program. Introduce employees to the many benefits.

Be nicotine free

Do employees ask about what they can do to quit smoking? Share these resources about their no-cost options.

Mental health

Support employees in managing their mental health with tips and resources that can help them get back on track.

Online dental health center

If you want to promote dental care as a big factor in overall health, promote the online Dental Health Center.

The big three

Promote healthy habits to help employees prevent serious health conditions.

Managing conditions

Support for your employees to manage a chronic condition, illness, or hospitalization.

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Managing conditions

BestBeginnings Maternity

Have BestBeginnings Maternity? Tell employees about a free app for expectant moms.

Blood pressure

High blood pressure is known as the "silent killer." Post these tips to help employees keep their blood pressure in check.

Personal health support

Get employees the support they need for managing a chronic condition, illness, or hospitalization.


Share these tips to help employees make a positive impact on diabetes.

Heart health

Share warning signs of heart disease, plus tips for good heart health.

Joint degeneration

Send tips for managing ongoing joint issues so your employees can feel better faster.