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"B'link is a great source for information for employers and employees. I love that B'link allows me to print out posters for employees and get info on ways to stay healthy and preventative care, such as getting a flu shot."
Sam Krick
Office Manager
4 tips for getting the most out of B'link
Think about your employees and how they want to receive communications. Send an email, post a flyer, or include a message in your employee newsletter. Content is served up best when it meets your employees where they are. Customize B’link communications by adding your logo and details that are specific to your company’s benefit offerings.
Say it, then say it again, and again, and again—and in different ways. Studies show that the human brain needs to see something more than once, twice, or even three times for information to sink in. So mix it up and use the variety of communication tools you’ll find on B’link.
Promote benefits based on the season. When it’s flu season, promote vaccinations and preventive care. When it’s summer, promote skin cancer awareness. By tying topics to the season, the message might resonate better with your employees.
Bookmark B’link and visit often. Throughout the year, we will add topics, tools, and resources, so bookmark the site and check B’link often.